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Immigration Medical Exam Includes:

What can you expect at your Immigration Medical Exam

We will collect all of your proof of vaccinations and any pertinent medical history. You will complete the I-693 form while you are in the office. We will have you complete your bloodwork and any necessary vaccinations. Once we receive your blood test results, we will let you know if you need anything else before we can complete your paperwork.

Please allow at least 7-10 days for you to receive your sealed envelope. There is a chance that it could take longer depending on your test results.

At our office, we will check titers for MMR and Varicella. If you do not have proof and are still immune we will be able to see the blood test results.




$200 Application Fee

$150 Civil Surgeon Visit Fee

$150 Blood Test cost

TOTAL $500



$200 Application Fee

$150 Civil Surgeon Visit Fee

TOTAL $350

**Passport is REQUIRED*



Hep A $100

Hep B $100

Tdap $100

Flu $30

*Flu vaccine is mandatory during flu season only*


Blood Tests

Gonorrhea $25

Chlamydia $25

MMR Titer $75

Varicella Titer $25

RPR $25

TB Gold QuantiFERON $25 


IF tests for MMR and Varicella are low or negative you will need a booster of that vaccine



MMR $200

Varicella $200


If you have any questions please use the QR code to visit Travel.State.Gov


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